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Administrator denial, deceit, and interference

By Laurie H. Rogers

The current national "blame the teacher" movement is neither fair nor helpful to our children, and it will not get our schools where they need to go. Are there some teachers in the system who should be replaced? Sure. As in any field, there are some who are not up to standard. Are some of the teachers unions obstructive to firing ineffective teachers? Definitely. But teachers are not the problem with public education.

In Spokane, teachers are hounded and harassed to use poor math and language arts materials and inefficient teaching methodologies. This is not a union problem; this is an administrative problem. Brave teachers say they have been challenged or threatened when they tried to teach arithmetic or grammar to their students. How crazy is that? Meanwhile, our administrators and board directors tend to blame weak outcomes on “uninvolved” parents, “ineffective” teachers, or “unmotivated” students. Our teachers will now be assessed on student outcomes over which they have insufficient control.

Folks, if we removed from this district all of the uninvolved parents, ineffective teachers and unmotivated students, Spokane would still have problems with math and grammar. That's because administrators refuse to allow our teachers to teach sufficient math and grammar. Meanwhile, they continue to tell us that a) everything is improving, and b) all problems are someone else's fault.

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