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Public education in America: Shrill, tyrannical, arrogant, antagonistic, academically incompetent, deceitful, politically biased, and ridiculously expensive

By Laurie H. Rogers

If you care about children, prioritize their academic needs, obey the laws as written, keep costs down, respect parents, and don't fall under any of the other categories in the headline, then this article isn't about you.

But once you get through the links below, you'll see why I wrote it.

I know many excellent teachers who labor to provide students with the academics they need, in the face of obstruction and interference from the district/state/federal leadership. I salute them and thank them for their noble efforts on behalf of the children.

However, the grim reality is that America's public education bureaucracy is helping to bring about the downfall of the country. In its haste to promote, enrich, and protect itself against any sort of reasonable accountability or transparency, this bureaucracy has become actively antagonistic toward the people it's supposed to serve -- including the children.

With a culture of arrogance, corruption, authoritarian leadership, deceit, and narcissism, there hardly is room left for academics. Consequently, many are failing in academics, even as they vacuum up an unconscionable number of taxpayer dollars. Their appetite for money appears to be insatiable.

In Washington State, public school districts used taxpayer dollars to sue the state to wrest more taxpayer dollars from taxpayers (the McCleary Decision). Media outlets barely batted an eye when the State Supreme Court decided that it is now in charge of the budget for public education, and that it could order legislators to provide money on a timetable decided by the Court
The News Tribune apparently supports this, publishing an article that said citizens shouldn’t “squabble” over the issue of constitutional powers.

The next generation, meanwhile, has been and is being trained to see things through a lens of pro-government activism, anti-conservatism, anti-constitutional authority, inequity and groupthink. Many are adrift on a sea of academic ignorance, moral relativism and interdependence.
The final nail in the country’s coffin is that many academic programs are shams, designed to show improvement and even excellence where none exists. It’s nearly impossible to obtain the truth about our schools. It’s increasingly difficult to find anyone at state or federal levels who will hold districts accountable for violations of the law.
Districts shrewdly cultivate friends in legislative assemblies, courts, watchdog agencies, the media and activist groups. They have their own lobbyists and taxpayer funded lawyers. They use tax dollars to fight against taxpayers.

The headlines below -- organized from most recent to oldest -- reflect alarming national trends in the nation’s K-12 school systems.

Where the schools go, so goes the nation. This is a small sample of what I see. At the bottom is a link to the six months before these.

These people were left in charge of the future of this nation, and they are screwing it up.

(Disclaimer: I have not verified the stories below for veracity or accuracy. They do not reflect edits or additions. If you find any broken links, please let me know at

Feds push school discipline by racial quota . . . thus ensuring that school discipline will be racist, judged not by the deed, but by skin color.
Los Angeles schools legal team appears to blame 14-year-old student for having sex with her teacher.

Florida high school folds to complaint from ACLU on behalf of one "offended" atheist, and shuts down high school concert.

Charter school in Michigan replaces Wall of Heroes murals of Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, the Space Shuttle Columbia astronauts, and Betsy Ross. The new faces on the wall include Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Maya Angelou, and President Barack Obama.

California school district is teaching 9th-graders about bondage and vibrators, with explicit illustrations that have students uncomfortable and parents aghast.

Florida high school football player flagged and penalized 15 yards after acknowledging his faith in the end zone after scoring a touchdown.

Massachusetts father pulls his son from public school over pro-Muslim text that appears to whitewash the history of Islam.

Colorado high school students told to say the American Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic, replacing "God" with "Allah."

An Alabama school makes a 5-year-old made sign a contract saying she would not kill anyone or commit suicide.

Lincoln Public Schools tells teachers to not use gender terms in class, and instead classify students by what they like and don't like, such as milk or juice. Teachers can call the children "purple penguins" or something else not having to do with gender. To illustrate their point, they used a gingerbread man, calling it instead a "genderbread person." Seriously, folks, you have to read this story. These people are idiots, and they were left in charge of children.

Chicago high school football player confronts bully, gets suspended.

Las Vegas school district considers teaching 5-year-olds about masturbation.

Colorado students protest new history curriculum that would teach citizenship, patriotism, and respect for authority -- as well as offering a less antagonistic view of the nation's history.

9th U.S. Circuit Court allows to stand a ruling that that prohibits American students from wearing an American flag on their clothing -- because of threats made AGAINST those students. The ruling punishes the peaceful, and it excuses - some would say encourages - the bullies.

Florida school district's dress code policy results in a high school student - new to the city -- being forced to change her skirt and top into sweat pants and a neon yellow sweat shirt emblazoned with the words "Dress Code Violation." According to the student, the district's Web site said skirts should be 3 inches above the knee while the school said skirts should be at the knee.

Vermont bans Brownies in schools, replaces them with fruit shish kebab, kale, and gluten-free paleo lemon bars.

Federal government reportedly orders schools to accept illegal immigrant children without any immunization records or proper medical screening. Obviously, if true, this puts all of the children, teachers and staff at all of the schools at serious health risk.

Army dad in Michigan is refused access to his daughter's school because he's wearing his military uniform.

DC teacher assigns homework in which students are directed to compare former President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler.

Virginia school district bans Chapstick. Fifth grader petitions the school board to be allowed to use it as a remedy for her bleeding lips. A school board member wonders if the child's use of it would be "distracting." The board tells the fifth grader they'll consider her request.

The cost of educating just the new class of illegal immigrant minors is estimated at more than $760 million.

Federal regulations kill off favorite child treat -- the traditional "pink cookie" -- in an Ohio school district.

California school district latest to allow officers to carry AR-15 rifles. For the safety of the children, of course.

Tennessee teen is reprimanded by a teacher, then thrown out of class, after saying "bless you" to a classmate who sneezed.

New York City union leader Michael Mulgrew threatens to punch Common Core opponents "in the face" and push them "in the dirt" -- and is cheered by his audience.

Missing from new Advanced Placement (AP) history guidelines from the College Board are greatest Americans such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Martin Luther King, Jr; Hitler and Nazi Germany; along with critical aspects of the birth of the Republic, of democracy and of religious freedom. In addition, Americans are represented as bigots, oppressors and exploiters. The head of the college board is David Coleman, an architect of the Common Core.

High school students in Rialto, California were asked to argue whether the Holocaust was a hoax, perpetuated by Jewish people to gain money or power. At least 50 students concluded, based on information they were provided, that the Holocaust was a hoax.

High school in Seattle, Washington helps a teen get an abortion (in 2010). Teens mother did not give consent or know about the procedure. Shockingly, the school does not appear to have broken state law.

California school claims right to ban God and Jesus, blacking out all references in student's graduation speech.

Edmonds School District in Washington State bans birthday cupcakes, allegedly due to a new "federal policy."
Across the country, this decision is mocked by the people.

School computers in Woodbury, Connecticut blocking conservative thought.
Republican site blocked; Democrat site not blocked.
NRA blocked; pro-gun control not blocked.
National Right to Life blocked; Planned Parenthood not blocked.
Pro-traditional marriage group blocked; LGBT Nation not blocked.
Vatican blocked; Islamic group not blocked.

President boasts to Massachusetts high school students that he'll operate on his own if Congress doesn't do what he wants. He also tells students that Republicans need to be straightened out.

New Jersey father's parental rights threatened by state agency after seemingly insignificant incident at son's school.

Massachusetts police seize father's hunting rifle and hunting license -- without charges and without a warrant -- after a spat with a principal. The father's 10-year-old son had drawn a Despicable Me character that was shooting Ping-Pong balls at minions. The principal claimed the drawing was sexual in nature.

California sex education class for middle-schoolers is crude, inappropriate, X-rated

Chicago Public Schools tests appear to be politically charged, parodying well-known conservatives and painting them in a negative light.

Michigan middle school teacher is put on leave, for showing his students a video as part of a factual lesson about racism and segregation in the 1800s.

Spokane Public Schools scans driver's licenses and takes photos of visitors in new "sign-in" policy.

Washington third-graders wet their pants after being denied a bathroom break. The Vancouver classroom teacher had implemented a "pay to potty" policy. The district leadership appeared to defend the practice and accused the student of laughing about her bathroom accident.

"White Privilege Conference" teaches 2,500 administrators, teachers and students -- among other things -- that "teaching is a purely political act and that neutral people should 'get the f--- out of education.'" The teacher told attendees: "Being a white person who does anti-racist work is like being an alcoholic. I will never be recovered by my alcoholism, to use the metaphor. I have to every day wake up and acknowledge that I am so deeply embedded with racist thoughts and notions and actions in my body that I have to choose every day to do anti-racist work and think in an anti-racist way."
Michigan school tells families that, during its upcoming "Field Day," all students are "winners" and therefore, "the need for athletic ability and the competitive 'urge to win' will be kept to a minimum."

Colorado second grader gets a Level 2 or 3 "behavioral" report when he does what his teacher assigns him to do: Draw what he sees in the clouds.

Nevada father told he would have to pay more than $10,000 to see the data the Nevada Department of Education is collecting on his children.

Arizona school district allows either-sex bathrooms.

Student in Dubuque, Iowa is suspended after a BB gun is seen in his car, which was parked off-campus. Police are called. They search the off-campus vehicle and confiscate the student's BB gun.

Florida school district places armed deputies on school buses.

Report card: America's public schools are failing. (This report comes as no surprise to education advocates, who have been largely ignored or attacked by those in leadership, on all sides of the political aisle.)

Commentary: America's public schools failing. Why are students graduating when they lack the skills they need?

California school district asks eighth graders to write an essay arguing whether the Holocaust was "an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.” This assignment was said to meet the Common Core State Standards.

Commentary: Thomas Sowell speaks out against "moral bankruptcy" in public school systems

Father arrested after he speaks out at board meeting against sexually explicit book

New York Department of Education reportedly wants 50 words banned from tests, including "dinosaur," "birthday," "poverty," "divorce"

Colorado considers allowing illegal immigrants to teach in public school districts.

Colorado fourth graders are caught dealing marijuana on school grounds.

Texas second grader reportedly told that reading her Bible during independent reading time is "inappropriate"

Georgia parents who refuse the state tests are met by a police officer when they show up at the school to discuss the issue with administration.

Texas parents upset about homework assignments for 4th graders that ask students to infer infidelity or death of a service member. One assignment has an angry mother saying about her son, "I'm going to kill you, Tommy!"

Nebraska school sends out 9 rules for bullying victims that essentially suggest victims embrace the bullying and the bully, and allow themselves to be bullied

New York student reportedly suspended for advising her classmates that they could opt out of Common Core tests. Other New York students who opted out were denied the ice cream treats that their test-taking classmates received.

Philadelphia high school reportedly out of control, with fights, firecrackers and injuries

California mom “suspended” from child’s school and threatened with arrest for anti-Common Core activity

Teacher reportedly tells five-year-old in California to stop praying at lunch.

U.S. Department of Education reportedly forces Michigan middle school to tear down its new baseball bleachers (which were funded by parents), because they’re nicer than the girls’ softball bleachers.

Virginia 6th grader suspended and threatened with expulsion after she saves a classmates from cutting himself.

North Carolina 9-year-old attacked by classmates over his My Little Pony lunch bag. School steps in, but reportedly just tells boy to take his lunch bag home

Ohio 5th grader suspended for three days for playing at shooting another student with his finger. School reportedly calls his finger a “level-2-lookalike firearm.”

Knife found in father’s car gets high school senior suspended, perhaps banned from graduation

Illinois high schools’ biology homework asks high school students to figure out the father of a baby based on DNA results. Homework question: “Why was the baby taken away by the state after the test?”

California high school senior suspended for five days, stripped of class presidency, and banned from all extracurricular activities for defending his sister from a football player she said was harassing her

Colorado students are told they cannot celebrate America but are required to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. After an outcry, this decision was reversed (and called a misunderstanding).

Kansas school puts up poster asking middle-schoolers if people express their sexual feelings through oral sex, anal sex and touching each other’s genitals. District defends this poster as part of the curriculum.

First grader in California reportedly was told to stop talking about the Bible ... in an assignment related to Christmas
Washington’s state education agency quietly signs agreement to hand over private student data to largest newspaper in the state

Georgia school district approves rifles for school resource officers.

Connecticut district says no to religious elements of Christmas decorations. Santa is out, Santa’s fireplace is out, and Christmas trees are out. But wreaths, candy canes and holly are OK. “We don’t want somebody to be offended,” the headmaster said.

California high school teacher on leave after allegedly beating up and breaking nose of student

Pennsylvania 10-year-old suspended for pretending to fire a pretend bow and arrow at a classmate

13-year-old in New Mexico arrested for burping during class

America’s high school students slip in global education rankings

California teenager suspended for bringing his Bible to school and discussing his faith

Kansas student claims she was forbidden from handing out flyers for prayer event at her school

Students in various states surveyed on political views; 6th graders reportedly told to not tell parents

Oklahoma 4th-grade book suggests white voters didn’t want to vote for Obama because of racism

Public schools alleged to delay or deny special education services for the most vulnerable students

Texas teacher reportedly punches middle-school student over comment about sports team

Michigan school district bans T-shirts honoring a 12-year-old student who died of cancer

North Carolina school district rejects “In God We Trust” posters

Common Core lessons criticized as sneaking biased politics into elementary school classrooms

Oregon football coach allegedly fired for planning a Hooters party for his middle-school team.

Tennessee high school segregates students at lunchtime based on grades

New Jersey school bans religious Christmas music

Texas father claims T-shirt touting God, guns, country landed his son in school suspension

Arkansas school makes sixth graders scrap Bill of Rights Amendments in Common Core assignment

North Carolina sixth graders confronted with “gun man” in school “enrichment” lesson

”Zero tolerance” policy in Georgia schools said to criminalize student behavior

Gates Foundation reportedly says the bracelets designed to measure students’ emotional reactions in class are to measure the students, not the teachers. (And that’s better?)

California school bans the American flag during Cinco de Mayo

Washington students suspended for wearing Confederate flag

Washington school bans Christian youth pastors

Colorado high school choir reportedly sings “there is no truth except Allah”

New Hampshire elementary school bans tag

Wisconsin school district limits Christian-themed Christmas music, but secular music is OK

Georgia high school student charged with felony over fishing supplies in car at school

Georgia school district considers AR-15 assault rifles for schools

Rhode Island 7th grader suspended for gun keychain that’s “barely larger than a quarter”

Department of Justice sues to stop Louisiana from giving vouchers to poor families

Pennsylvania student suspended for having a pocket knife at football game, even though he reported it to a security guard

California student suspended and threatened with expulsion for bringing a Swiss Army knife on a week-long school camping trip

Florida schools allow pro-Obama organization to conduct voter drives (but not pro-GOP groups). Former teacher gives pro-Obama speeches to students

Tennessee 10th-grader reportedly banned from writing that God is her hero, but writing that Michael Jackson is her hero was allowed.

Boston school marks 9-11 anniversary with Muslim poem, but not Pledge of Allegiance

Mississippi high school bans patriotic T-shirts on “Patriotic Day”

Students claim in march on Washington that free condoms are a constitutional right
Illinois elementary school students taught that government is their family

Wisconsin schools reportedly teach masturbation to fourth graders

Utah public school boots Cub Scouts because of the Scouts’ ban on gay members

Arkansas public school reportedly bans visitors who are religious

New Jersey high school reading list includes graphic lesbian sex and a gay orgy

New York City school reading list included book on masturbation

AP textbook used in Florida accused of having pro-Islamic bias

Department of Justice appears to be making transgender restroom use new front in civil rights battle

Wisconsin school accused of threatening and punishing boy who opposed gay adoption

Department of Justice social agenda appears to trump homeschooling rights

Department of Justice appears to agree with Germany that government can punish homeschoolers

Federal judge reportedly is a teacher who punished a student for expressing Catholic beliefs

Teens urged to promote Obamacare under California grant

Please watch this excellent series of five videos on the Common Core State Standards.

Utah Common Core-aligned curricular materials shows anti-parent emphasis

Planned Parenthood reportedly wants schools to teach to young children the pleasures of sex

New Jersey bans trash talking in high school sports

New York City defends graphic sex-ed classes
Judge: California school can ban American flag shirts

Florida school calls police after 12-year-olds kiss

Los Angeles school system to use taxpayer dollars for iPad for each student

Florida school district scans children’s eyes without telling parents

California school hosts “buyback” of toy guns

Alabama teen denied diploma, fined $1,000 for wearing feather at graduation

Florida honors student arrested after science experiment (that harmed nothing and damaged no one) goes awry

Federal health Web site directed at students appears to assume that 10-year-olds ready for sex

Massachusetts students who refuse to affirm transgender classmates reportedly face punishment

Link to other selected headlines from June 2012 through June 2013: Public education's '"culture of power": Small minds, thin skins, fragile egos

Please note: The information in this post is copyrighted. The proper citation is: Rogers, L. (April 2014). "Public education in America: Shrill, tyrannical, arrogant, antagonistic, academically incompetent, deceitful, politically biased, and ridiculously expensive." Retrieved (date) from the Betrayed Web site:

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