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All of That Money

Money drives public education nowadays. (It certainly is not the true academic needs of the children.)

It's all about what the adults have, what they don't have, and what they want to have. We keep hearing about "budget cuts," as if there have been actual bottom-line cuts, but the total dollars for education keep going up, adults keep getting more toys, and student data points go up -- while the students' actual academic knowledge and abilities keep going down.

Did you know that, in Washington State, there is an association for the lawyers of school districts? Washington State isn't alone. There is an association for the associations of lawyers of school districts. That alone should tell you how much money, power and influence rests in public education, with the people who are supposed to be educating our children. Spokane Public Schools spends a great number of taxpayer dollars each year on legal fees, yet doesn't clearly itemize those expenses in its public released budgets.

There is very little truth out there about the money spent in public education. Here is a sample of my efforts to change that.

Below is a recap of some of the expenditures for Spokane Public Schools.
Some things to note:
As full-time enrollment for students has gone down, the overall costs per student -- whether operating costs or all costs -- has risen.
As FTE has gone down, the levy dollars have increased.
As FTE has gone down, construction costs have risen.
As FTE has gone down, costs for debt service has become ridiculous.

Spokane Public Schools expenditures
FTE (Full-time enrollment) 31,51829,05028,093 28,478
FTE Certificated  2,093  2,068  2,012  2,195
FTE Classified  1,188  1,068  1,028  1,047
Operating budget$254.2 million$316.8 million$313.3 million$329.1 million
Capital Projects$14.8 million$124 million$142.9 million$89.6 million
Debt Service$14.2 million$35.4 million$37.1 million$32.4 million
Total$283.2 million$476.1 million$493.2 million$451.1 million
Local levy for district, after rollback.
Update: The district has indicated an increase in the 2012 levy to $73.3 million.
$36.4 million$59.5 million$60.6 million$62.5 million
District expenditures per student
(based on operating expenses only).
District expenditures per student
(based on operating/capital projects/debt service. There are other expenses not noted here.


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