What's in Those Public Records Anyway?

Some of the records the PDC cited in its Report of Investigation
regarding Spokane Public Schools and bond/levy and other elective campaigns

Some of the other records sent to the PDC regarding
Spokane Public Schools and bond and levy campaigns.

PDF of March 1, 2014, article:
Legislature should look into PDC's investigation of Spokane Public Schools

Saxon Math and Singapore Math Placement Tests (Free)

Comment from Laurie Rogers:Below are links to free Saxon Math placement tests for K-Grade 12.
Below that are links to free Singapore Math placement tests for K-6 for its U.S. editions, and its Standards Edition.

Which placement test should you use?

My preference is to use the Singapore Math placements tests for K-3.
But I prefer the Saxon Math placement tests for Grades 4 to 12.

Saxon Math placement tests:

Saxon Math textbooks are based on skills, not grades. Students should be placed into the material that best suits where they are in skill, and then be allowed to progress from there in a logical and linear fashion. See this Sonlight guide to help you choose the appropriate Saxon Math placement test for your child.

Singapore Math placement tests

This link will take you to all of the Singapore Math placement tests. (If this link changes, please let me know, and I'll find you another.)

Caution: Singapore Math now has a discovery series they say is aligned with the Common Core State Standards; my recommendation is to avoid the Discovering Math series from Singapore Math.

I've used the U.S. Editions and the Standards Edition of Singapore Math to tutor, and I found them word-heavy, but otherwise pretty solid.