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Capital costs and debt service for Spokane Public Schools

Note from Laurie Rogers:

As full-time enrollment for students in Spokane Public Schools has gone down, the overall costs per student -- whether operating costs or all costs -- has risen.
As FTE has gone down, the levy dollars also have increased.
As FTE has gone down, capital costs also have risen.
As FTE has gone down, debt service costs also have risen.

There is a lot of money available through capital projects, which might help to explain a great deal of what goes on in Spokane.

Spokane Public Schools expenditures

FTE (Full-time enrollment) 31,51829,05028,093 28,478
Operating budget (in millions)$254.2$316.8 $313.3$329.1
Capital Projects (in millions)$14.8$124$142.9 $89.6
Debt Service (in millions)$14.2$35.4$37.1$32.4
Total (in millions)$283.2$476.1$493.2$451.1
Local levy for district, after rollback (in millions)$36.4$59.5$60.6$62.5
District expenditures per student
(based on operating expenses only).
District expenditures per student
(based on operating/capital projects/debt service. There are other expenses not noted here.

Stay tuned. Much more to follow.

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