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Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome to Betrayed - Why Public Education is Failing

Thank you for joining me at "Betrayed." This is a blog for people who care about public education and who want to make it work better for the children. I'm interested in learning from you, so please write freely (observing all standard etiquettes and courtesies of public writing.)

The status of education is critical. Our children aren't learning proper math skills, aren't reading at grade level and know next to nothing about history, civics, geography or finance. Businesses and government agencies across the country are crying out for better math and science skills in their new hires. They're resorting to hiring from outside of the country. It's a tragic situation for our children, and it's totally preventable. But policy makers have insufficient motivation to make the necessary changes, since they profit off the current system. Parents are choosing to leave public education, hoping that alternatives can give their children the quality education they need and deserve.

I've just finished writing a book about public education. It's called "Betrayed: How the Education Establishment Has Failed America and What You Can Do About It." The book is 230 pages long, plus about 43 pages of references. Some of the topics included are: reform mathematics vs. traditional mathematics, the No Child Left Behind Act, standardized testing, administrative accountability, the impact of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, tutoring and remediation, statistics on education, funding for basic education, class size, gifted education, retention policies, teacher education, and parent involvement.

If you're interested in learning more about the book, please let me know. Meanwhile, I hope you will find this blog lively and interesting. Thank you for visiting.

1 comment:

yvonne meyer said...


Your experience is repeated over and over again not just in the USA but also in the UK, New Zealand and Australia - where I live.

What do these countries have in common? We are all English speaking, which means we have the most difficult Alphabetic Code to crack, and the Education Agenda in all these countries is controlled by the Whole Language, (constructivist, Balanced) Umbrella, a shadowy network of Ed School social activists masquerading as Educators who also control the teacher professional associations.

As parents who are trying to ensure that our children receive an adequate education, we are treated like mushrooms. Once we become sufficiently knowledgeble about how are Education Establishment are mis-educating our children, we are blamed and bullied.

A good example of this are some of the responses to your post on the EdNews site. You have more support than you may realise, with your blog accessed by many of us in countries like Australia.

If anyone wants to know how the Whole Language Umbrella operate here in Australia, go the PLATOWA website,, click on their Discussion Forum and see the thread, 'Dear Professor Cambourne'.

Keep up the good work, Laurie. As we say here, Mate, y'blood's worth bottling!