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Thursday, October 29, 2009

To new subscribers: I'm sorry for a technical glitch

I am a very, very bad blogger. I owe many people an apology. I have been accidentally deleting subscription requests for this blog -- any that came to me with the subject message of "Subscribe." If you sent me an automatic message from the link on the right, I probably wiped you out, never knowing what was in your message.

Between Safer Child, Inc., a nonprofit I run at , and the Betrayed blog, I receive hundreds of SPAM emails every single day. They come with all sorts of subject messages (most not printable here), and some come with viruses and spyware attached. Because of these problems, we have had to replace our computer equipment several times, and we have lost much work over the last decade, including critical emails and one of my master's degree papers, which I had to rewrite. (The paper was better the second time around, but this would not prevent me from kicking the evil hacker in the shins.)

We are now skittish of messages that have SPAM-like subject messages, such as the subject message "Subscribe." Sadly, "Subscribe" is also the automatic subject message for subscription requests to the Betrayed blog. I didn't set it up that way - it's just how it is.

If you asked to subscribe and did not hear from me, this is probably what happened to you. Please send another request to, or via the "Subscribe to Betrayed" link off to the right. I will no longer automatically delete messages with a subject message of "Subscribe."

My daughter is delighted to see that I have finally arrived in the 21st century, technology-wise.

Thanks very much for your patience.
Laurie Rogers

1 comment:

RMD said...

Love your blog!
I suggest you never list an email address, but instead of, use name (at) url (dot) com
just an idea